Monday, 19 August 2013

Multimedia Presentaion

Promote your products/ services through innovative campaigning and presentations…
Multimedia presentation is widely used medium for effective communication and is off late gaining popularity across various events, be it a corporate meetings, awareness campaigns, music launches, short advertising etc.

At Krish Web Solutions we deliver mesmerizing interactive media through a combination of content, audio, images, animation and video for better effective results and impact. 

Imagine you being able to hand a prospective client a business card with a QR Code printed on it, which will then redirect to your entire product portfolio be it a catalog, audio, video or a website.

We deliver multimedia presentation for a wide range of events:
  • Corporate promotions
  • Staff training material
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product catalogues
  • Interactive portfolios
  • Branded applications including games, screen savers, desktops
  • Benefits over Traditional Brochure based Print Material
  • Gripping Content
  • Interactive
  • Choice of Media like sound, video etc
  • Cost of updating is very less.
  • The consolidated professional front of KR websol gives clients several advantages.
  • They stop at one shop for a variety of requirements.
  • Most assignments are cross-media but interlinked and need a multiplicity of skills (like graphic sign age and 'communications strategy', graphic design and web site development, project research and planning).
  • The client needs to give a single brief for work in different media.
  • Work is certain to have a family feel and uniformly high quality.
  • Realistic turnaround time and pricing

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